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There is so much information out there on the internet. With all the great bloggers to read, websites to peruse, and podcasts to listen to, how do you know which ones are worth your time? Often, all the information can get a little bit overwhelming. You also wonder who is legit and who is out to scam you. I always find it helpful to read others’ lists of recommendations, so I decided to make a list of my own to promote some pretty awesome people and websites! The people listed below are some of the people I love to follow.

(Stay tuned for updates to this list.)


This is a great site for those who are starting to homeschool their children at the preschool age. There are many great resources. My son loves her printables. Sign up on her website for access to her resource library.

I love the emails from this blogger. She has lots of interesting information on being a mom, preschool homeschooling, and organization. I am super excited about her upcoming Learning Units! Check out her website to learn more.

There are lots of great ideas for stay-at-home parents (and even retirees) here on this website. I have tried several of her recommendations for ways to make money from home and I trust her. She does her research and only recommends legit things.

If you are a blended/stepfamily, this website is a must. To be honest, I was at a point where I was losing my mind and felt no one could understand. Then I found this website and she restored my sanity and my faith in family.

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This business is run by a good friend of mine who makes exceptional pottery. I adore her pieces! The website features her beads and pendants, but she also sells dishware. Be sure and check out her facebook site for the latest sales!

A pair of earrings from this shop that my husband bought me for our anniversary.
Me. wearing another pair.

Melissa and Doug (This one is an affiliate link. Read my disclosure here.)

I first discovered Melissa and Doug products when my mom bought my son one of their wooden puzzles. As I was playing with him one day, I thought “This is really cool! I wonder who makes it?” After researching their products, I feel in love with them. They promote creativity, discovery, and learning through play.


This is a podcast called “The Speaking Wife”, however, you do not need to be a wife to enjoy the life lessons that she talks about. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, this one is a great one!

Do you have anyone you love to follow?

I hope you will check out and support these amazing people!

Do you have anyone you love to follow? Comment below and I will check out their site. If I really love them, I will add them to my list of people I love to follow. 🙂

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